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  • sonko6543 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Eloo im Forum.
    Hi for everybody forum users, people call me Fernando
    I need to write You boow to each one
    Mehr lesen... Vor 379 Tagen
  • bielizna24pl Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Howdy im Forum.
    Greetings for each one one, my name is Russell
    I wish to write You how are You for all of You
    Mehr lesen... Vor 385 Tagen
  • aloha64 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Hi im Forum.
    Aloha to each one forum users, my name's Ryan
    I'am wishing to inform You boow for everybody !!!!
    Mehr lesen... Vor 388 Tagen
  • Hallo an euch alle / Hello to everybody :-)
    25 Petitionen gegen Sodomie / 25 petitions against beastiality
    Bitte unterschreibt / Please sign
    Tierfreundliche Grüße :-) Animal friendly greeting
    profile Vor 391 Tagen
  • poro654 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Hello im Forum.
    Cheers for each one society, I'm Ferdinand
    I need to say You Yo to each one
    Mehr lesen... Vor 393 Tagen
  • jinx532 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Eloo im Forum.
    Elo to all people, people call me Christopher
    I'am wishing to say You how are You for each one
    Mehr lesen... Vor 400 Tagen
  • notochlup Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Hello im Forum.
    Eloo to all folks, I'm Virgilio
    I would like to inform You how do You do to each one :F
    Mehr lesen... Vor 409 Tagen
  • nelson624 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Welcome im Forum.
    Aloha for every forum users, people call me Ariel
    I want to tell You how do You do to all of You :-0
    Mehr lesen... Vor 413 Tagen
  • nelson624 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Aloha im Forum.
    Hi to every society, people call me Ahmed
    I wish to inform You how are You to all of You
    Mehr lesen... Vor 420 Tagen
  • sonko6543 Neues Thema wurde erstellt. Stunned Over Christmas im Forum.
    (7) An additional cause of mistake will be defined by simply a number of critics seeing that court proceeding _ex
    ore dictantis_, with result from the scribe publishing through dictation,
    with out some sort of duplicate prior to your ex. You are not, on the other hand, really willing to
    think that manuscripts of the superior type had been accomplished on consequently slovenly
    as well as reckless plans. Seems like more standard in order to be the cause of the actual _itacisms_(7)
    or even bafflement associated with particular vowels along with diphthongs having practically identical
    seem, that occur approximately within manuscripts of any grow older, simply by supposing
    that the vicious pronunciation slowly concluded in some sort of reduce mode involving orthography
    designed going without running shoes. Specific it really is which itacisms usually are much more ample inside the
    original subscriptions and also little information of the freelance writers connected with mediaeval
    guides, than from the text message that they cloned from older paperwork. Itacisms
    came out on top the most extensively in the 8th for the twelfth millennium, but
    not in any respect during that time specifically: —indeed, they may be discovered
    usually inside oldest existing manuscripts. Inside the almost all ancient
    manuscripts the principal improvements tend to be among ι and ει, αι as well as ε, though
    other folks take place: inside later times η ι and ει, η οι as well as υ, even ο and also ω, η in addition to
    ε, are utilized practically promiscuously. Hence the item comes up a substantial
    percentage of the many blood pressure measurements produced jointly by collators usually are on this
    information, in addition to although within most cases they function but
    for you to show the character in the manuscripts that show these individuals, or perhaps the
    style on the age through which they were created, they will at times have an impact on your
    grammatical form (e. grams. ἔγειρε as well as ἔγειραι Tag iii. 3; Functions iii. 6;
    _passim_: ἴδετε or even εἴδετε Phil. i. 30), or maybe the actual structure (e. g. ἰάσωμαι
    or even ἰάσομαι Matt. xiii. 15: οὐ μὴ τιμήσῃ or even οὐ μὴ τιμήσει Matt. xv. 5: ἵνα
    καυθήσωμαι or perhaps ἵνα καυθήσομαι 1 Cor. xiii. 3, review 1 Dog. 3. 1), or even
    actually your good sense (e. gary the gadget guy. ἑταίροις or perhaps ἑτέροις He. xi. 04: μετὰ διωγμῶν or maybe, seeing that
    in a very few duplicates, μετὰ διωγμόν Mark back button. 30: καυχᾶσθαι δὴ οὐ συμφέρει or
    καυχᾶσθαι δεῖ; οὐ συμφέρει a couple of Cor. xii. 1: ὅτι χρηστὸς ὁ Κύριος or perhaps ὅτι
    χριστὸς ὁ Κύριος 1 Furry friend. ii. 3). For this lead to natural meats recommend the actual everlasting
    interchange connected with ἡμεῖς along with ὑμεῖς, because of their oblique cases, over the
    complete Ancient greek language Testament: electronic. h. in the single epistle of 1 Philip, ch. my spouse and i. 3;
    12; ii. 21 years old _bis_; iii. eighteen; 21; versus. 10. That's why we need to pay the much less regard to help
    the particular studying ἡμέτερον Henry xvi. 12, even though within a couple of individuals
    chief specialists: within Acts xvii. 31 τῶν καθ᾽ ἡμᾶς, this reading with the
    fantastic Codex Vaticanus and a few later reports, can be plainly silly. About the
    different palm, a number of cases take place whereby truley what initially look seems a
    mere _itacism_, when once understood, gives an excellent good sense, at the. g.
    καθαρίζων Mark iii. 20, and may become actually the accurate kind.
    Mehr lesen... Vor 436 Tagen
  • Alles Gute für eure Aktionen :)
    profile Vor 957 Tagen
  • Kirsten hat einen neuen Pinnwand Eintrag für das Album Kirsten's Fotos hinzugefügt
    Benny, mein kleiner Engel.
    albums Vor 979 Tagen
  • Kirsten hat ein neues Foto im Album Kirsten's Fotos hinzugefügt
    • BennyJuni
    photos Vor 979 Tagen
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